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New Product Introduction and Quotation Request

Instructions and Form 316853

Thank you for your interest in Liquipelâ„¢ and our watersafeâ„¢ technology. We are now offering sample coatings for your specified product for a fee. In order to formulate a price quotation, we ask that you fill out the attached form:

Please note that we require a minimum of (7 - 10) swatches to be sent for our New Product Introduction (NPI) Process. These samples will be used to set application parameters. These will not be returned to the customer.

The customer will need to supply additional swatches on top of the minimum 7-10 samples sent for NPI that Liquipel will coat after the parameters have been set in place during the NPI process.

All sample treatments must include Pre-paid shipping labels to and from our facility, as well as pre-arranged customs clearance, if international.

The Customer portion of the form must include all required information prior to sending in your sample products. Once you have submitted the completed request, our engineers will review the information and determine the feasibility of sample treatment. If approved, you will be provided a quote as well as a Purchase Order to ensure an opening in our schedule. Upon completion of said procedures we will grant clearance to send your samples to the address below.

Please include this form in order to streamline your request.

Customers please complete the following fields:

Customer Information

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A) Fabric manufacturer
B) End item manufacturer
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