• What is Safeguard?

    Safeguard by Liquipel is a $150 GUARANTEE all inclusive protection package that includes:

    1. Nano-Shock impact screen protector
    2. ArmorTek impact thing clear case
    3. 12 month limited warranty with no deductible
  • How does Safeguard compare to other protection in the market?

    There is really no comparison to the SafeGuard product. Safeguard is the first to package an all inclusive protection bundle. Liquipel SafeGuard is the only product to place a $150 guarantee behind there claims. Unlike other companies that offer phone protection, there is nothing that has real technology intergraded nor a $150 guarantee. The Nano Shock impact screen protector is made with Liquipel Nano coating that can withstands 2X the amount of impact than anything on the market place today. The ArmorTek slim design allows the consumer to have the same look and feel of a sleek new iPhone with the protection of a large bulky case. The SafeGuard Limited Warranty is part of the bundle with no deductible or monthly fee like the other expensive insurance companies.

  • What is Liquipel 360?

    Liquipel 360 by Liquipel is a 2 Year Full Protection Package that includes:

    1. Liquipel WaterSafe treatment
    2. Nano-Shock high performance impact screen protector
    3. ArmorTek impact thin clear case
    4. 2 Year Full Protection Package that covers the two most common types of damage, both water and physical. Deductibles starting at $49 for iPhone and Samsung smartphones
  • How does Liquipel compare to other protection in the market?

    Liquipel 360 is the first-ever preemptive insurance program to stop your phone from being damaged before it ever happens. With Liquipel WaterSafe coating and the 360 protection plan, the customer is now protected from water and impact damage. Liquipel 360 truly gives you the satisfaction of being fully protected and a piece of mind that if something were to happen to your phone you will receive a new one. Unlike other companies that offer thick bulk water resistant cases, Liquipel 360 offers our Nano coating treatment to make your phone water resistant, Nano-Shock high performance impact screen protector, ArmorTek impact thin clear case, bundled with a 2 Year Full Protection Package coverage with deductibles as low as $49. Other insurance companies charge up to $12 a month with a $200 deductible and no protection to help prevent damage to your device.

  • What is Mobilio?

    Mobilio is a mobile device protection plan for new and pre-owned smartphones. Mobilio Offers:

    • 1-Yr Accidental Damage Coverage
    • Covers new, refurbished & pre-owned phones
    • Free 2-way shipping for claims
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Year Extended Warranty coverage
    • Fair cash out value via Visa gift card
  • How does Mobilio compare to other protection in the market?

    Mobilio offers an incredible value at $39.99 with low $50 deductible and covers both new and used devices. No other plan can compete!

  • What is QuickDRY™?

    Liquipel QuickDRY™ is an eco friendly way of applying water repellent technology to fabrics in high volume applications. Liquipel is working with major brands throughout the world to develop processes that are specific to each customers needs.

  • How does it impact the fabric?

    Liquipel can work with all types of materials, all while not disturbing the original integrity and performance. The process we use has additional benefits, which include, zero water or solvent usage, very little power consumption and no hazardous waste generation or storage needs.


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Liquipelâ„¢ does not recommend that your device experiences extreme or repeated exposure to liquid. Our coating is not a sealant and will not prevent liquid from entering your device if it is exposed to liquid. In the event of accidental liquid exposure, we recommend the following steps to properly dry out the device:

1. Power down the device and then remove the battery, if possible. Leave the device without power for at least 5 hours.

2. Do not charge the device for a minimum of 48 hours.

3. Wipe the surface of the device with a dry, absorbent cloth. Using Q-tips or a paper towel, dab open ports on the device to remove any visible liquids..

4. Stand the device upright to allow excess water to drain.

5. Do not shake or blow on the device to try to remove any liquid. It is best to allow the liquid to evaporate on its own.